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Who we are

Frenchie puppies for sale in USA goal is to find the perfect match for a doodle in our care. We narrow down applications looking for those who seem to fit a specific dog’s requirements for a home. We adopt Frenchies to families that will keep them as inside pets and treat them as family members. We do not adopt to families who are specifically looking for a doodle to train as a service dog. Since the majority of rescue dogs do not meet service dog requirements, this is an unfair expectation of our Frenchies. We also do not adopt doodles to be given as gifts.


Our mission is to rescue, foster, and find safe and loving homes for frenchies, english bulldogs, and other frenchie mixed breed dogs who are lost, abandoned, abused or homeless. This includes Rottwielwers, Pugs,Boston Terriers, Bernedoodles, English Bulldogs, and many more.

We support and promote humane animal regulation through the encouragement of neutering and spaying of dogs, to promote quality medical treatment and care of such dogs, and to provide suitable long term facilities for the humane care and treatment of lost and abandoned Frenchie  mixed breed dogs.

We promote concepts of nonviolence and unconditional love for animals, no kill shelters in California, and to provide a safe haven for neglected, abused and unwanted poodle mixed breed dogs.

We also provide educational opportunities to persons desiring to learn about dog rescue organizations, puppy mills and hoarding situations, and the proper care, treatment and medical attention required by dogs.